What is Cataract?

Every individual is Gifted by nature with a natural lens which is a clear transperent structure, which helps to focus the images on the retina . Opacification(cloudiness) of this lens which obstructs visual path is known as Cataract.

Why is Cataract formed?

In most of cases cataract is due to degenerative(ageing) changes which obstruct the nature driven clearing process of normal lens . But in some cases it is seen due to trauma, side effects of certain drugs, diseases like diabetes and congenital deformities.

What is common age for Cataract?

Commonly it is seen after age of 50 to 60 years, but is also noticed at early ages of 30 to 40 yrs in some cases.

Does medication help preventing progress of cataract?

Well, there are certain medications claimed to be used for same, but their results are questionable and lacking provenness,so hardly any of such is prescribed by eye surgeons.

Is surgery necessary for Cataract?

Yes, since there is no other way to remove opaque and diseased lens and improve vision - Surgery is necessary.

When should I undergo Surgery for cataract?

It is always better to plan your surgery sooner the better, after detection of cataract, but in some cases it can be awaited till patients gets disturbances in vision enabling his daily activities.

How is surgery performed?

In present day, surgery is performed by no stitch technique with microincsions, using Phacoemulsifiation machines, and with implantation of newer generation foldable intraocular lenses .

Is it necessary to Implant lenses?

Yes. Since in cataract surgery we are removing natural lens, unless we replace it, we don’t enjoy our natural vision. If not, then we need to use aphakic glasses which give lot of difficulties.

What are the types of lenses?

Normally lenses are available as rigid lenses which need large incision and foldable lenses which need small incision. Lenses are also available as monofocal lenses which give clear vision for distant vision and progressive lenses which give spectacle free vision for all distances.

Is lens implantation surgery expensive?

Well, it depends upon the lens what you are choosing. If you are looking for economy, you can choose rigid lenses giving good results. But foldable lenses particularly of international brands fall on little higher budgets and progressive lenses presently available are at relatively very high costs.

Do I need glasses after implanting lenses?

Well, When implanted with today’s generation lenses surgeon’s aim at spectacle free distant vision, with need of glasses for near, but few patients need glasses for distance also, for better results. When implanted with next generation progressive lenses patient’s don’t need glasses for any activities.

What care is necessary after cataract surgery with lens implantation?

Normally no special care is necessary after surgery. One should take care of avoiding splashing of water and injury to eye for few days following surgery.

When can I start my normal activities like attending office and driving etc?

Well, depending upon your individual recovery you can resume these activities as early as 5 to 7 days following surgery.

Is dark glasses necessary after surgery?

No , it is not necessary in present day of surgery , but would be advisable in certain patients .

How long should I use eye drops?

Normally eye drops are used for 4 to 6 weeks post operatively in tapering(gradually reducing) pattern.

When does glass prescription is given after surgery?

Normally after a week one can be prescribed glasses, but it is better if it is deferred till a month or till the other eye is operated.

When can other eye be operated after the first?

Normally after a weeks time it is safe to operate other eye, but some surgeons prefer to operate as early as next day, and some surgeons prefer to wait as long as for one month.

Do I have pain or other discomforts after surgery?

No, well one may experience some discomforts like watering,redness,pricking sensation for few days.

Do I need to get admitted in hospital for getting operated for cataract?

No, It’s a day care surgery, and patients are relieved from hospital in few hours after surgery.

Is mediclaim reimbursing the expenses for Cataract Surgery?

Yes, in most of the policies it is reimbursed but in few, there are some limitations which are preexplained to the insurer.