Here are some tips to observe while working on Computers:

Micro-electronics has invaded our life today profusely and computers have become a part and parcel of life. One can’t think of avoiding working on Computers.

But working on Computers may be injurious and harmful not only to eyes but to body also. Following are computer related Diseases.

CVS - Computer Vision Syndrome

CBS - Computer Body Syndrome

E-Strain - Electronic Strain (Caused By TV, Computers, Mobiles, Cordless)

RSI - Repeated Strain Interface

CTS - Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Spondylytis, Backache, Numbness of Limbs and Several others.

Eyestrain, Pain in eyes, finger, wrist, hand, elbow, neck, head, back or thigh

A peculiar uncomfortable state of mind - syndrome or confusion

Eye related symptoms - watering, itching, redness, burning, pain, lack of focusing,

binocularity or headache, blurred vision.

Numbness, stiffness or cramps in body parts

Dry eyes etc.

Contact lens Discomfort.

Here are some tips to observe while working on Computers:
  • Keep Monitor, CPU, Keyboard, Mouse and Other peripherals in proper position so as not to strain any of your body parts
  • Do not sit on computers for long duration without breaks
  • There should be no glare on screen
  • The illumination on screen and background should be uniform
  • Head of user should be higher than top of monitor
  • Reference material and screen should be at a comfortable distance from eyes
  • Look at far distance in between to reduce fatigue and focusing problems
  • Adjust the brightness and contrast of monitor
  • Use correct sitting postures
  • Keep your body straight and feet properly rested on floor
  • Keep changing postures slightly to avoid numbness, strain and tension
  • Take proper breaks every 2 hours
  • Use prescribed exercises for body & eyes to combat CBS and e-Strain
  • User having bifocal spectacles must have computer friendly mid-focal spectacles